Commercial Playground Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Get your community enjoying commercial playground spaces with peace of mind! Ben Shaffer Recreation offers cleaning and sanitizing services for your playground equipment. 

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Clean Playground Equipment  Step 1:  Clean with high pressure, utilizing hot water for maximum efficiency.
 Disinfect Playground Equipment Step 2:  Disinfect/Sanitize utilizing a solution that has a viricidal claim and is on the EPA list of agents for use against SARS-CoV-2. 
 Protect Playground Equipment Step 3:  Finish with a biostatic antimicrobial protective coating.  This durable coating bonds to the equipment surface providing a clear, non-toxic layer that inhibits virus and bacteria growth for up to 90 days in the elements


After extensive research, our experts have created a three-step process to provide a cleaning, sanitizing & protection safety program for outdoor equipment and environments. Yes... protection for up to 90 days!


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Covid-19 Effectiveness

The disinfectant/sanitizer is on the EPA's list for use against SARS-CoV-2, a strain of the human coronavirus. This chemistry has a viricidal claim; meaning it is effective at killing viruses.  Our biostatic coating inhibits virus, bacteria, fungus and algae growth by deploying long chain positively charged ions on the surface that act as micro spears that kill off germs when in contact.  Product is lab tested, invisible, food safe and hospital grade.  This chemistry has been lab tested against the Human Coronavirus, Strain 229E, AATC VR-740, and has shown an efficacy of 94.4% in its dry state.